Every project is something special

Weddings, birthday parties, corporate events: from 2006 to this day Panta Rhei team collected unique moments and important collaborations with international agencies and brands, but also partnerships and unconventional projects, from TV to the press up to social media.
News, challenges and the occasions are opportunities to develop creativity and to test ourselves.

For us everything is fulfilled

A bit for fun, a bit to show the backstage with irony and lightness, in 2018 the format TUTTO ESAUDITO (Everything is fulfilled) was born.
In every episode, Luca Melilli and Franco Cannata, followed by cameras, create an event, from the first date with the brides and grooms up to the Wedding Day, when everything is really fulfilled! It is a social program which also arrived at TV thanks to its success.

Luca Melilli from Detto Fatto program to Mister Wedding

Luca Melilli has always been a performance, new media and communication enthusiast and during these years he was lucky to link passion and work. In 2019 he had his debut as wedding tutor in Detto Fatto, a lucky program of Rai2 presented by Bianca Guaccero. He gave advice about style and trends for the most beautiful day. In 2020, in a period where the world stopped, he worked for Mister Wedding specialist program in collaboration with Sudlook to reply to curiosity, doubts and requests about weddings in a particular moment for the field of events.

Partnership and Corporate

Monuments and archeological parks, boutiques and luxury hotels, historic houses and aristocratic villas: a lot of locations hosted Corporate Events with the label of Panta Rhei for collaborations and partnerships with international agencies and brands, such as Dolce & Gabbana, Prada, Max-Mara, Montblanc, Coin, Rinascente, Dsquared, Atelier Emè, Mercedes, Porsche, Maserati, Microsoft, Ikea, RealTime, Taormina Film Fest, Telethon, Nespresso, Wedding Tv, Persona, Sicilia Outlet Village, Herbalife, Iren gas e luce, Decò Arena, Abanca, Bell Canada, Netscout, Amuní, Siculamente, Glamour magazine, Assicurazione Santa Lucia.

Collaborations and special projects

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