For fate and passion

There are some meetings that give shape to our life by chance or maybe by destiny. At the end of the university career in Economics of Tourist Companies, Luca Melilli met Franco Cannata during a stage. He was impressed by his flair and his ability to create unique scenic designs for exclusive parties.
An intuition, a vision: a project where they worked together to organize events, from decorations to scenic designs. It was in 2006 when Luca and Franco’s path met thanks to a great common passion: that’s how Panta Rhei was born.

Luca Melilli

Wedding Designer

Smile, professionalism, empathy and politeness are the elements of his business card. Thanks to a natural capacity to listen and relation, Luca is able to understand every person’s desires turning them into unique projects, perfectly in line with the protagonists’ expectations, tastes and style.
Addicted to new media, art and exhibitions, Luca is always careful to trends, new languages and communication world. During these years, he was protagonist in different TV production and contributor of newspapers, magazines, blogs and trade magazines.

Franco Cannata

Floral Designer

Concrete, without filters, creative, Franco is a free spirit. Well-rounded artist with a unique vision. From his inspirations and travels, breathtaking scenic designs were born and from the movement of his hands decorations, floral arrangements and designs came to life.
He draws, paints and shapes. He gives shape to his ideas with energy and passion, with a practical sense and innovative solutions. He totally applies himself in every project with an utmost attention, from the briefing to the execution, from the creative phase to the logistic one. He is shy, tireless and always pretends the best.

When dreams come true: discover Panta Rhei philosophy!

An adventure called Panta Rhei

The meeting between Franco Cannata and Luca Melilli, the events, the recognitions and a path full of occasions, incentives and new projects.

The birth of Panta Rhei

A meeting, a story

February 3rd marks the birth of Panta Rhei: a project strongly wanted by Luca Melilli who, after the meeting with Franco Cannata, had the intuition to create a reality which was protagonist in the world of organization and scenic designs for events.
Luca, a student of Economics with the passion for events, during a stage in a location on the sea of Catania, was impressed by the parties organized there by Franco, between original decorations and colorful flowers. A meeting occurred by chance which immediately turned into a successful brand.
Among the “50 best designers” in the world

The charts of Bride Magazine about Wedding Designers

The first international recognition for Panta Rhei came in June 3rd, when the reality created by Luca and Franco was mentioned in one of the most prestigious classification of the sector. Bride Magazine chose the Sicilian Wedding Designers among the 50 best designers in the world.
Tutto esaudito (“everything is fulfilled”)

A special format to tell events

It is always Luca Melilli, with his passion for entertainment and new media, who brings Franco Cannata into challenges that can portray the Panta Rhei philosophy in an original way. Thus was born - on 9th June - a new format that lays bare the behind the scenes of some of the events organised by the two sicilian creative artists: “Tutto esaudito”, 'Everything is fulfilled'.
Each episode is the story of an event, from the very first meeting with the bride and the groom to be, up to their most important day. A programme that, thanks to its success, its lightness, and its irony, has also landed on TV!
Detto Fatto program

Luca Melilli as a wedding tutor on Rai2

Wedding became one of the main topics of TV programs. On October 9th Luca Melilli appeared for the first time on camera of Detto Fatto, one of the most followed program on Rai.
It was presented by the talented Bianca Guaccero. The wedding designer was protagonist of a specialist program dedicated to weddings and he was a tutor and an expert in the field. He gave advice for the organization and the style of the most beautiful day.
Mister Wedding

Luca Melilli designed a specialist program dedicated to weddings

During the pandemic, the world suddenly stopped. Events stopped and this dragged many couples waiting for celebrating their most beautiful day into uncertainty.
Luca Melilli decided to design a specialist program in collaboration with Sudlook Magazine and so he replied to brides and grooms’ doubts, requests and uncertainties. On May 23rd the virtual space Mister Wedding was born. Every Saturday Luca put himself out there with advice, trends and topics about weddings and events.
Top Wedding Designers in Italy in 2023

Panta Rhei in the classification of Wedding and Honeymoons Magazine UK

A great recognition for Panta Rhei, which was inserted among the Top Wedding Designers Italy in 2023 in the prestigious classification of Wedding and Honeymoons Magazine UK.
Luca Melilli and Franco Cannata are recommended for their great experience and ability to organize unforgettable and tailor- made events, no matter what the style is, based on the newlyweds’ needs and desires.
According to reports, Panta Rhei is the reference point for those who choose Sicily as the Wedding destination, thanks to the perfect organization and relationships with the best suppliers and locations of the island.
Tutto Esaudito debuts on RealTime!

2023 The most creative couple in the wedding field conquers Tv

After its success on the web and on sicilian tv, “Tutto esaudito” arrives on RealTime!Luca Melilli and Franco Cannata, with their flair, irony and authenticity are the protagonists of the programme that shows the backstage of weddings and events.
An engaging format that follows guests, brides and grooms in the realisation of their dream, right up to the moment it is all fulfilled, or as they say: “Tutto esaudito”!

At Wedding & Floral Design

The creation of an event is the perfect meeting between organizational skills, creativity and imagination. Coordinating team and suppliers, respecting timing and predicting criticalities developing solutions are the results of experience and competence.
Panta Rhei regularly organize courses and workshops for those who want to work in the Wedding & Floral Design world, with a practical approach and theoretical detailed studies, field trials and meetings with professionals in this field.

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