There are those who dream of a princess wedding inspired by traditional fairytales, amidst enchanted gardens and romantic settings. And those, on the other hand, who decide to transform their wedding day into the set of one of the most famous fantasy colossals of recent times, amidst fantastic settings and creatures, crowns and swords. And it is precisely this last strand that inspired the wedding of Stefania Scaglione and Tarcisio Di Prima, she a doctor and he a musician, both from Catania and fans of the Lord of the Rings saga. For us at Panta Rhei, 'To organise a wedding is to make wishes come true'. Read our interview on

Comisano by birth but Catanese by adoption, Luca Melilli is - according to the ranking drawn up by the English Brides Magazine - among the 50 best wedding designers in the world. An all-round wedding director and architect, he edits columns for TV, radio and imagazine, such as the one in 'Elle Sposa'. The fittings for the Google event organised last July in the shadow of the Valley of the Temples in Agrigento bear his signature, as well as the wedding of the daughter of a Lebanese sheikh, the gala dinners of the Taormina Film Fest and events from a thousand and one nights. Read the full article on

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