One's wedding day is one of the most beautiful in life. To celebrate it, one often dreams of an enchanting setting that adds magic and beauty to the promise of love. Sicily, now more than ever the protagonist of successful films and a popular destination for travel and holidays, has over time established itself as a destination wedding. Why get married in Sicily? There are those who choose the island for its Sicilian origins, attracted by the traditions of grandparents and ancestors who were born here and then found their fortune in the four corners of the world; those who are fascinated

Luca Melilli and Franco Cannata's passion has always been to make every couple's dreams come true. Now to be realised is a little big dream of the two souls of Panta Rhei Wedding: after its success on the web and on Sicilian television, the programme Tutto Esaudito arrives on Real Time! There is great anticipation for the first episode, which will be broadcast on Thursday 29 June at 17:40 and will tell the details of a fairytale set in Sicily, amidst marvellous locations and breathtaking panoramas that will be the setting for an unforgettable custom-designed event. What will we see on Real

They are two exceptional designers: Luca Melilli and Franco Cannata, two bearers of beauty who sign the most important sets in Sicily, and not only. Their brand Panta Rhei was born about 11 years ago. It was a fortunate encounter between Luca and Franco, the former, a wedding designer who creates projects with strong organisational skills, takes care of public relations, and the latter, Franco, a former restaurateur with a marked creativity capable of transforming everything he touches, a creator and interpreter of clients' dreams. 'Every time I went to visit him in his restaurant,' says Luca, 'the place never seemed

There are those who dream of a princess wedding inspired by traditional fairytales, amidst enchanted gardens and romantic settings. And those, on the other hand, who decide to transform their wedding day into the set of one of the most famous fantasy colossals of recent times, amidst fantastic settings and creatures, crowns and swords. And it is precisely this last strand that inspired the wedding of Stefania Scaglione and Tarcisio Di Prima, she a doctor and he a musician, both from Catania and fans of the Lord of the Rings saga. For us at Panta Rhei, 'To organise a wedding is to

VIP wedding yesterday afternoon in Taormina. Mirko Manola, Diletta Leotta's brother, chose the pearl of the Ionian Sea to impale his beloved Irene Simeone. The 'yes' was pronounced in the Taormina cathedral. The wedding planner loved by Diletta Leotta's family The 'yes' ceremony was organised by Luca Melilli, wedding designer and event planner at the head of Panta Rhei and regular at parties organised by Diletta Leotta's family. Refined and minimal, the two long imperial tables with echoes of the scents of Sicily welcomed the bride and groom and their guests during the reception held at Villa Don Mimì Guarnaschelli, an exclusive

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