This is Luca Melilli, the world-renowned event organiser and former President Donald Trump's favourite, who curated Diletta Leotta's White&shining themed party. The chandelier women were none other than 'elegant abat jour women, goddesses of light, ethereal as living sculptures who accompanied Diletta's cake cutting with a poolside choreography'. Dancers at the cake and LED balloons in the sky The details end on the ambience and the choice of colours, scents and flavours. Luca Melilli is certain that for Diletta Leotta, so far from the cliché of the beautiful and impossible showgirl and strongly tied to her homeland, something as natural as possible was

Registi e architetti del matrimonio a tutto tondo, tra i loro allestimenti più noti ci sono quelli del compleanno di Diletta Leotta, il matrimonio di Giulio Base, le nozze della figlia di uno sceicco libanese, il party taorminese di Oliver Stone e un’infinità di elegantissime cene di gala. Un comisano e un catanese doc, Luca Melilli e Franco Cannata sono – secondo la classifica stilata dalla rivista inglese Bride Magazine – tra i 50 wedding designer migliori al mondo. Registi e architetti del matrimonio come dicevamo, curano rubriche per la tv, la radio ed i magazine, come quella su “Sudlook”. Read more

The Sicilian party for Diletta Leotta's 28th birthday bears the signature of Luca Melilli from Comisano, a wedding designer and event planner at the head of Panta Rhei, an agency that for 14 years has been transforming its clients' dreams into reality by making any happening unique. Melilli is not alone in this adventure. At his side is floral designer Franco Cannata. Two opposites who complement each other and whose collaboration has even resulted in a web series entitled "Tutto Esaudito" that reveals the backstage of weddings "by Panta Rhei" and whose second season from social media could land on TV. The

Comisano by birth but Catanese by adoption, Luca Melilli is - according to the ranking drawn up by the English Brides Magazine - among the 50 best wedding designers in the world. An all-round wedding director and architect, he edits columns for TV, radio and imagazine, such as the one in 'Elle Sposa'. The fittings for the Google event organised last July in the shadow of the Valley of the Temples in Agrigento bear his signature, as well as the wedding of the daughter of a Lebanese sheikh, the gala dinners of the Taormina Film Fest and events from a

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